Meeting Minutes February 24, 2007

What:        Southwind Homeowners Association Meeting

When:        February 24, 2007 @ 10:00 A.M.

Where:      Tee Sifford’s Hangar


Officers Present: Tee Sifford/President, Dave Zeller/Treasurer, Lisa Hunt/Secretary, Alex Fodor/Board of Directors, Larry Hunt/Board of Directors.


EAA and AOPA Members

A list of all who attended the meeting was compiled regarding who is an EAA Member and who is an AOPA member.  It may be helpful information for the future. 



Thank you to those who paid their 2007 dues of $25.00.  The officers would like to remind to those who have not yet paid their 2007 dues, to please give your check or cash to Treasurer, Dave Zeller.       


Welcome New Members

          Calvin & Valerie Arter

          Kenny England

          Todd Hill

          Walter & Audrey Pendergrass

          Gerhard Sojka

          Harold & Pamela Stoner


By Law Changes

       Proxies:  Voted and Adopted Change--to allow a limit of five proxies under the control of one person that expire at the end of the year.

           Officers:  Voted and Adopted to keep present officers for an additional year. 

                         Discussion Points:

                         --Set terms at two years.

  --Stagger terms of different officers so there is never a whole new

     board/officer group for the sake of flow and continuity.

                         --President becomes a Board of Director after his term.

                         --Present officers be elected for an additional term. 

                         --Treasurer stay longer to ease the banking—Dave said it is easy to change

                            the banking.

                         --Transition Period with an Election in November and take office in January.

                         --A Six Month Committee was formed to put in place new election terms and transactions.  The committee includes: Martin Jones, Pat Wolf, & Dolores Branyen.


  Typo On By Laws:

                         It was brought to Dave’s attention the typo in Section 2 Article 2 or 3.  It will be corrected.


Notice of Meetings:

                       Members Approved the change of the length of time for a notice of a meeting from ten days to seven days.  The notice will include the Agenda of the meeting.


Painting of Road Crossway

Thanks to Jan for painting the road with the “help” of Steve and Dave.

Possible signs to accompany paint:  Yield, Watch for aircraft, Caution, Stop,

& Prepare to Stop.        “Aircraft Crossing”—was chosen by vote.


New Road Signs

The Homeowners Association purchased the new  “No Trespassing signs” on

Southwind & Southlake Drive

                         --It was noticed that traffic has slowed down—non-neighborhood kids

                            stopped playing in the field.

                         --Four more signs are ordered for Garnett & Barney Road and other possible

                           suggestions should be told to Tee.

                         --Tee offered Jay signs but he declined citing his lawyer advised him not to

                            put anything up until his legal issues are settled.

                         --Posting of signs means residents can detain suspicious trespassers, write

                           down the license plate number of repeat offenders, or take a picture and

                           report it to Sheriff’s office.

                         --Tee doesn’t recommend being abraisive to guests--many people are just

                            lost or looking for a neighborhood to move in to.  Don’t be rude, or you

                            may put yourself or others in jeopardy—think of possible road  



Vehicle Traffic on Taxiways

Vehicles on the Taxiways next to runway continue to be a problem.  It has been worse lately with the temporary closing of Shepard Road--people use taxiway as a short cut to Highway 60.   It is noted that the backside of Steve Jones property is being trespassed on—cars cut the corner.  We can’t totally control the problem—we can only monitor it.  It is not only the hangar renters doing it. 


Discussion & Possible solutions include:

Put up signs stating—No car/automobile traffic, Please--No thru traffic, or Aircraft Only

Send a flyer/mailer (including a map of areas of concern) to all of Jay’s T-Hangar tenants asking for cooperation to limit traffic.  It was stated that Jay would not give us access to his mailing list.  We could try to get Jay’s permission—to keep the communication lines open. We could make up the flyers and ask Jay to distribute them. 


Larry asked if anyone had an objection to signs advertising the website to be added to the signposts.  There were no objections.     


Migrant Worker Camp was approved to go in across from the Hess Station on Hwy 60      

Tee explained why we, as a Homeowners Association, were involved and why our officers attended and spoke at the The Polk County Planning Meeting on the issue.  It was to let them (the county decision makers) know that we are here, and we are united.  We are not going to go away.  We will be involved in all issues concerning the preservation of the airport.


Update on Skydivers/Jump School

Tee spoke to Cliff at the Jump School and invited them to our meeting but they declined.  The pilot who did the low fly-bys over the houses is no longer with the Jump School.  It was noted that most of the problems went with him.  Many homeowners are concerned about safety issues regarding not enough radio announcements or jumpers away announcements.  There have been a few incidents of poor communications between pilots.  Tee will talk to Cliff or Bob about improving the number of times the announcements are given, talking to the tower and communicating with incoming/landing pilots.


The Mulberry Press articles regarding the jump school  was a non-issue.  Although, it was noted that we don’t need that kind of press.


Report on Preservation of Runway Length & the 20 to 1


Tee Sifford passed out a handout created by the Polk County Joint Airport Zoning Board.  It is lengthy and includes the rules of what can and cannot be built at the ends of the runway.  The Hess Station (gas station) should never been allowed to be built.  It slipped through the cracks because in 1984 the Airport Zoning Board did not exist.  Houses cannot be built in the overflight zone as well as hospitals, churches, anything that would attract gatherings of people etc (see page 12 of handout).

Tee explained that he is having difficulties getting a call back from the board, but he would keep trying.  It was suggested to try to get time on the agenda at one of their upcoming meetings.  Larry said that he would give Tee the name of a contact. 

Tee is also talking to Dave Roberts at the Florida Department of Transportation.  He also stated that the trees need to come down if they are the reason the runway was shortened.       


Maintenance Fees

What amount you pay or if you pay is a personal decision—not one the Homeowners Association can dictate.  There are two many different circumstances, agreements, and legal issues. 

Tee was told by Terri Kurtz that she was receiving a lot of nasty letters with payments.  It was noted that the bill that was received was nasty too—especially the threat of canceling easements and late fees.  It was noted that we own our easements and Terri and Jay cannot cancel them since they run with our land and are the burden of the runway owner by virtue of owning the property.  It was noted that we need to stick together and the Homeowners Association should stick up for the homeowners that are being mistreated, and threatened.  It was also noted that someone should prepare a welcome packet to explain the easement situation and history to new residents. 

Todd Hill mentioned that Jay threatened that if he did not sign a licensing agreement and pay a higher fee, that he would be included in the homeowners lawsuit.  He signed, and was billed for $660.00 this year. 

Larry explained that his is the only lawsuit and asked if anyone else had been sued by the airport.  No one else present at the meeting had.  He explained that he was not sued because of lack of easement or non-payment of maintenance fees—in fact Larry offered several times to pay more than the average homeowner--$450.00 a year, plus a one time fee of $1,000.00.  He also stated that he sent the Kurtz a check that had been returned.  The lawsuit was against Larry was for Injunctive Relief and Trespassing without permission.  The counter suit brought against the airport was for Injunctive Relief and Harassment--citing the frivolousness of the lawsuit because the previous lawsuits.  The first one was  brought by Circle Development in 1985 and the second one Martin Jones, Herbie Mann and other homeowners in 1986 against former runway owner Roy Dawson.  The court papers including Final Judgements/Amended Final Judgement are available on the website under the Legal Documents tab.     The original complaints are also on the website for each case.    

Dolores and Dan want to ask the runway owners why the fees are different than the calculated CPI and for different homeowners.  It was noted that everyone should pay the same amount.  That the newer people should not be singled out.  They want to have an explanation of how the fee is calculated.  Many thought they would not get a sufficient answer, just a nasty response.  Tee volunteered Dolores to write the letter and get with him. 


Treasurer Report

Dave reported that sixteen people have paid their 2007 dues.  Thanks.

There are now 42 members in the Homeowners Association. 

The bill for signs was for $337.70, and approved for reimbursement to Tee.

Meeting Adjourned.


Meeting Minutes Dec 2, 2006

What:        Southwind Homeowners Association Meeting

When:        December 2, 2006 10:00 A.M.

Where:      Tee Sifford’s Hangar

Why:         Shortening of Runway



Officers Present: Tee Sifford/President, Steve Daniel/Vice President, Dave Zeller/ Treasurer, Lisa Hunt/Secretary, Alex Fodor/Board of Directors, Larry Hunt/Board of Directors.


Issue one:    Preservation of Runway Length

Tee Sifford spoke to the Florida Department of Transportation and runway owner Jay Kurtz about the runway being shortened.  The FDOT stated that they shortened it due to the tree height.  Jay told Tee the trees can’t be touched.  Jay told Ron Miller that he could cut them down.  Several homeowners volunteered to help him.  Terri Kurtz told Ron that Jay was kidding.


There was discussion about the markers for the displaced threshold. 


There was discussion about using the entire runway as long as the ends continued to be mowed. 


There was talk about the rumors/rumblings of development and building on the west end of the runway. 


It was mentioned that Chalet Suzanne has similar problems.


Tee is also talking to the Zoning Authority about the 20 to 1 Glide Scope and their ability to enforce the previous length.  A handout was passed out and will be discussed in depth at the January meeting.  It is also posted on the website:


Issue two: Easements/Maintenance Fees/History


There was a handout about the history of the Easements as well as the Maintenance fee prepared bt Martin Jones and Tee Sifford.  It is also posted on the website: 


There are rumors going around that the runway owner wants to increase the fee to $1,200.00 a year.  Tee spoke to Jay about it and he stated that it is only a rumor.


Issue three: By Law Changes/Elections


Dave Zeller addressed the third handout of proposed changes to the By-Laws dealing with Proxies and length of Homeowners Officers terms.  The proposed changes will be posted on the website, e-mailed to those who have given their address, and will be discussed and voted on in the January meeting. 


Elections:  If the terms of the current officers are not lengthened, we will have to have new elections in January.        


Issue four: EAA and AOPA Members


The Officers would like to compile a list of who is an EAA Member and who is an AOPA member.  It may be helpful information for the future. 


Issue five: Soil Sample


Martin Jones reported on the committee (Martin Jones, Larry Hunt, Tony Bonacum and recruit: turf expert Harold Stoner) formed at the last meeting to help improve the runway condition.  Of particular concern are the problems of bare spots on the runway.  It was determined that soil samples were needed to diagnose any problems. 


Tony and Harold are to speak with Jay and offer the labor to gather several soil samples for testing.  After the results get back, recommendations will be taken to Jay.  The group stresses that the purpose is to be non-confrontational and helpful to assist keeping the runway open.


Issue six: Migrant Worker Camp/Tomato People       


The issue of a migrant worker camp being built across from the Hess station on Highway 60 was discussed.  Tee has met with Steve (Madonia ?),  the owner of the property set to bring the camp there.  Steve offered to come to a meeting to answer any questions the homeowners might have.  Tee says that these are good people and pillars of the community. 


The Polk County Planning Office Staff has recommended approval of the proposal and there will be a hearing before the Planning Commission for final approval.  Terri Kurtz says that the issue is on the docket at the next meeting, held on December 12, 2006.


Issue seven: January Meeting


The January 2007 meeting will be on the 13th or 20th.  A notice will go out when it is decided. 


It would be a good time to bring the 2007 dues of $25.00.  There will be a reminder on the notice.  It would also be an opportune time to recruit new members.   


Issue eight: Skydivers/Jump School


Discussion about many of the homeowners concerns about the jump school planes: 

          flying low over the houses

          radio announcements/jumpers away announcements

          skydivers landing on and damaging houses

          bad blood/threats

          night jumps

          using both ends of the runway

          “Hot dog” flying style. 


No one wants to have any incidents or problems.  Terri Kurtz said she would talk to Cliff and the pilot of the jump school (as she has done in the past) about the homeowners’ concerns and get back to Tee.


Issue eight: Treasurer Report


The checking account balance is $1,620.75. 


 Checking Account Balance as of 3/31/06 $1,860.33
Expenditures approved at the meeting of 4/29/06
Date            Description                                       Amount
10/23/05               Corporate Filing                                        $70.00
10/23/05               Copies of Articles and membership forms    $25.68
11/13/05               Rental of tables and chairs for meeting        $60.62
4/24/06                Annual Report filing fee                               $61.25
4/25/06                Copies of agenda and Bylaws                       $22.03 

Issue nine: Open for questions & Disussion


There is a problem with vehicles and Golf Carts on the taxiway during the rainy season.  They destroy the grass and make ruts. 


Vehicles on the Taxiway and possible accidents happening with car & planes on the private part of Southwind Phase II where planes cross over the road. 


Possible solutions include:

A Neighborhood Watch Program

Bold lines painted on the street at crossover point

Colorful attention grabbing signs to notify the plane crossing

A Stop Sign/Yield Sign placed on the street

No trespassing sign or more stern warning of the private road


Dave Zeller will look into road paint.  Lisa Hunt will check with the county to see if they can provide signs.  Pete Sklandanek knows about how to get Sheriff’s Department Signs for no trespassing.


Installation of a gate on road leading to the Kurtz residence/Airport Office/Jump school/and T-Hangars.  Terri Kurtz notices traffic at all times of the night.  There will be a gate constructed as soon as funds become available.  The gate’s purpose is to limit airport access and keep cars from cutting through Southwind Drive to Highway 60 to a minimum.  Terri said that notices will go out (again) to remind T-Hangar renters to use the road off Coronet/Highway 60 to access the Hangars.   


Ron Miller & Paul Fuller want to see if we can get the runway rolled.  A roller would have to be rented because the one Jay owns doesn’t work.  Fill would need to be added because of water veining/drainage.  It was decided that the soil sample would preclude this procedure as well as a talk with Jay.


Jeff Durham wants to know if there can be a beautification project for the median coming into Southwind off of Shepherd Road.  Discussion followed about if the county owns the property and if it would be legal/allowed. 


Meeting Adjourned.







Meeting Notes


South Lakeland Airport Home Owners Association of Southlakeland, Inc.


Report on Association Meeting

Tee Sifford’s Hanger

January 28, 2006



            Steve Daniels, member of the Election Committee, called the meeting to order.  Steve introduced Tee Sifford, Committee Chair, who introduced and thanked all committee members.  The purpose of the meeting was to count and report results of the election of officers of the South Lakeland Airport Homeowners Association, Inc.  The results were as follows:


President & Chairman of the Board – Tee Sifford

Vice President – Steve Daniels

Treasurer – Dave Zeller

Secretary – Holly Reilly

Board Member – Brenda Fuller

Board Member – Alex Fodor


Sergeant At Arms (appointed) – Dan Duran


It was noted by a member that Brenda Fuller, who was not present, had expressed a concern that should she be elected, she would prefer not to serve.  It was agreed that Brenda would be contacted to confirm her views, and if she did not wish to serve a new election would be necessary for her replacement.


Dave Zeller, Treasurer, gave a report of the Association’s bank account, which totals $1,860.33.  The Association currently has 37 members.


The President noted that Association By-Laws would be voted on at the next meeting.  Copies of the tentative By-Laws will be distributed to all members prior to the next meeting.  No date was set for the next meeting.